Flooding and Storm Resources

San Anselmo and Sleepy Hollow Creeks periodically flood. This natural process, caused by the clay soils, topography and climate of the Ross Valley has been exacerbated by human development; undersized bridges and building span the creek, railroad berms across the floodplain, and increased impervious surface throughout the watershed. These are the Town's key messages and flood-related information links.

Know Your Risk:
  1. Flood risk is described by FEMA maps
    1. 2015 Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Flood Risk Assessment
  2. Insure according to your risk
    1. Flood Maps and Insurance Information
    2. Elevation Certificate Fact Sheet
Build Responsibly:
  1. Get an Elevation Certificate
    1. List of Elevation Certificates on File
  2. All construction projects must meet flood protection and water quality rules
    1. FEMA Guide to Flood Repairs
    2. Flood Plain Development Permit
    3. Flood Gate Design
  3. Keep drainage-ways clear
  4. Limit impervious surfaces
You live in a watershed:
  1. Protect the Creek
    1. Marin County Watershed Program
    3. Friends of Corte Madera Creek
  2. Flooding is Natural and Historical
    1. Historical Museum Flooding Webpage
  3. Preserve and restore natural floodplain function
Stay Informed:
  1. Of approaching storms
    1. Real-Time Weather and Creek Depth
  2. About Regional Flood Control Activities
    1. Ross Valley Flood Protection and Watershed Program- Flood Zone 9
  3. About Local Flood Control
    1. San Anselmo Flood Committee
    2. Town Community Rating System Activities
    3. Sand Bag Information
    4. Winter Preparedness Tips
Stay Safe:
  1. Be Prepared
    1. Town Disaster Preparedness Links
    2. Ross Valley Flood Protection Tips
    3. Flood Preparation Tips (UK)
    4. American Red Cross Safety Library
  2. Don’t Drive Through Floodwaters
    1. Turn Around –Don’t Drown
  3. Clean Up After Floods
    1. After Flood Fact Sheet
    2. Floodwaters Carry Contaminants, Prevent Mildew
For more information about flood maps, including inquiries about your building's location relative to the floodplain, you may come to our Town offices during open hours.